Espanglish – Language exchange

Spanish version here

You are here, surrounded by Spaniards, and you can speak a little Spanish. Quite often though, while communicating you get in touch with a local and you can barely understand a word of that nice but hard andalusian accent. They, on the other hand, also seem not to understand the few words you say in Spanish, even if you do your best in pronouncing them clearly.


You suffer the

(Foreigner Experiencing Language Limitations in Andalucia Syndrome)


This syndrome has different treatments, the main one is to travel to Spain, which is what you have actually done, and chat with locals. But most of these conversations with Spaniards can be difficult and frustrating when they talk to you with the speed, accent and vocabulary as if you were from the next village.


We, in Tr3s Puertas, have many friends from outside Spain that come to our exhibitions and events, and we often have conversations with them over a beer both in English and in foreigner friendly Spanish. But at some point it gets a little tough and we start speaking Spanish as if there was no other language in the world.


So, one day we thought, hey, why don’t we program  a weekly encounter just to push ourselves to talk in English and, not least, allow our foreign fellows to speak in Spanish to someone that can actually help them with it?

It was a no brainer. We have created ESPANGLISH, Spanish and English encounters in Tr3s Puertas. The idea is (not necessarily in this order):

  • We speak in Spanish for a while
  • We speak English for the same while.
  • We have fun and meet new people over a drink or a coffee.

Every Friday, from 19:00 to 21:00.

Coordinated by Enrique Bernal, editor of Dubbuk, bilingual audiobooks that are done here, in Torre del Mar, but that have thousands of readers around the world. He is probably the one who is the least interested in not having fun.…

It’s open to everybody, no matter your level, and it’s free for all MIPs (Members Invited to Participate – in Spanish) in Tr3s Puertas.


Te esperamos, Welcome!